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Becoming a Master Pumpkin Carver

“Since childhood, I have always been drawing, doodling, cartooning – I just have to create.”

-Jim Bille

As a big fan of Halloween, my interest in the extreme pumpkin carving style began about 6 years ago having seen Ray Villafane’s creations online (as with most carvers). After a couple of years practicing the techniques (about 10 pumpkins), I discovered Halloween Wars on Food Network and binged every season to that point. Turned to my wife and told her that I was going to apply. What better way to force change and improvement than by adding pressure and surrounding yourself with the best talent in the country.

Learn from the Master

Carving Tools Tutorial

Pumpkin Pick’n

Special Effects at Home

Jim’s Special Effects Tricks & Tips

Halloween brings my favorite classic movies of the season and I have also spent years followed Dick Smith, Rick Baker, Tom Savini, among other great horror and FX makeup artist. I learned a number of techniques after reading books, magazines, watching the DVD bonus material, documentaries and YouTube tutorials. I have been recently trying to adapt and simplify those techniques with technology and more accessible materials.

Special Effects Tools

Burn Effect


Looking for supplies? Check out the links below as recommended by Jim himself!

Live Carving From October 30th!

The Facify Experience
with Nathalie Legault

” Being uninhibited and artsy has allowed me to use a human canvas to create delightful moments.”

Nathalie Legault is a woman of heart and passion which is demonstrated through her exceptional creativity with face and body art. She has worked extensively in the film industry on the set of movies such as the X- Men and has collaborated on projects with prominent brands and celebrities like Cirque Du Soleil, Wu-Tang, Celine Dion, and Paul Walker to name a few. Throughout her career she has traveled the globe creating colorful moments of happiness and excitement for children and adults alike. Each stroke of the brush is always a great memory.

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Looking for supplies? check out




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Scavenger Hunt

Once you have taken photos of the items on the list, please post them as attachments to the Spooktacular 2020 Workplace Page! You can use this list to help track your findings.




Yellow Leaf

Red Leaf


Hay Bale


Spider Web


Window Decorations