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Precon Approach:
We believe that live events can affect an audience like no other marketing tool. By understanding your brand identity, we help you maximize visibility producing events tailored to attract your target audience. Our team focuses on product launches, branding campaigns and similar corporate marketing initiatives. Additionally, our event marketing projects have included Guerilla Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Outreach and Buzz Marketing campaigns. Our non-traditional event marketing strategies can have unparalleled results for your brand identity.

The Goal:
An international motorcycle manufacturer was introducing the new look and feel of their brand to their North American dealerships. As part of this, Husqvarna wanted to recreate elements of a high end international motorcycle show. For the welcome dinner and reception, the client wanted the motorcycles on display, while accommodating dinner and buffet service for 300 guests. For the closing dinner meeting and reception, there needed to be a spectacular unveiling of the new Husqvarna 701 Enduro.

The Plan:
The Precon design team approached the event by creating a floorplan that allowed for comfortable guest flow, keeping both the food stations and motorbikes in plain view. All of the room furnishings were selected to coordinate with the brand style-guide which blended distressed wooden elements with a clean white detail, inspired by traditional Swedish design trends. The motorbikes were placed in four pods, set on white showroom floors, each prominently branded. Throughout the reception, guests were encouraged to interact with the bikes and learn about the new features, while experiencing the new feel of the Husqvarna brand. For the unveiling of the new 701 Enduro, the team choreographed a dramatic reveal. To build up the energy in the room, the team helped to produce a high octane video introduction of the bike. This progressed into an intelligent light and laser show, building up to a dramatic drop of a screen exposing a thick cloud of smoke, behind which was the new 701 Enduro motorcycle.