Thank you for your support of Capitol Hill Ocean Week! The Sponsor Hub will serve as a comprehensive planning tool for CHOW sponsors. This site and the supporting links will provide you with the key information and deadlines for your sponsorship of the event AND allow you to confirm your benefits package, submit Ocean Award Gala RSVPs and provide your sponsor deliverables.
Please visit the ‘Contact Us’ section should you have questions about your sponsorship that are not covered in the resources provided on this site.

Sponsor Deliverable & Gala RSVP Submission

Click here to begin submitting your deliverables, confirm your election of benefit and provide Ocean Award Gala RSVPs.

Click here to view the sponsor level benefit package list.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If your company intends to take advantage of its sponsorship benefits, please make sure to have on hand before starting this form:
• All social media URLs and handles
• 1 standard logo in PNG Format
• 1 dark or all-black logo (for light and color backgrounds) in PNG Format
• 1 knockout logo (reverse color or all-white for dark backgrounds) in PNG format
• 30-second promotional video in MP4 format* applicable sponsor levels only.
If you do not have all of the above necessary information for your sponsorship benefits available at this time, please come back to it at your earliest convenience.
You will have the opportunity to return to the deliverable submission site and update your selections and RSVPs leading up to CHOW.


  • Capitol Hill Ocean Event Registration Opens: Tuesday, March 5
  • Draft Virtual Session Form Submitted*: Thursday, April 13
  • Sponsorship Payment: Monday, April 15
  • Final Virtual Session Form Submitted*: Thursday, May 4
  • Gala RSVPs: Wednesday, May 15
  • Exhibit Booth and Booth Staff Confirmed *: Wednesday, May 15 (based on availability) 
  • Promotional Video Submitted*: Wednesday, May 24

*Available to applicable sponsor levels. 

There are a variety of sponsorship levels and associated benefits. Please see the CHOW sponsor packet for more information. Space is limited and sponsorships are first-come, first-served. If you are interested, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible to secure your spot.

Space is limited and sponsorships are first-come, first-served. If you are interested, we recommend reaching out as soon as possible to secure your spot. Please contact Peggy Knudson, Vice President of Development, at [email protected]

If you, your company, or your nonprofit organization is interested in sponsoring CHOW, please contact Peggy Knudson, Vice President of Development, as soon as possible at [email protected] Please also feel free to get a head start on securing your sponsorship by filling out a sponsorship pledge form.

There are four primary ways to pay for CHOW sponsorship: Online using a credit card, by mail with a check, through a wire transfer, or via an ACH payment.

To pay for your CHOW sponsorship online using a credit card, please:

  1. Fill out a pledge form.
  2. Complete your sponsorship payment according to the sponsorship level indicated on your pledge form.
  3. Look out for email communications from the Foundation and our staff to help you begin making the most of your sponsorship benefits!

Please allow the Foundation up to one full business week to initially reach out regarding your sponsorship benefits activation.

If you’d prefer to pay for your CHOW sponsorship via either check, wire transfer, of ACH payment, please:

  1. Fill out a pledge form – and make sure to select “Please Invoice Me” at the bottom of the form.
  2. Look out for an email from Laurie VanBenschoten, Development Manager, containing your invoice. Please allow at least three full business days to receive your invoice. Our team is working hard to process all pledge forms and sponsor requests in a timely manner.
  3. Send your sponsorship payment using your preferred payment method, as indicated on your custom invoice.

The Sponsor Hub exists to allow sponsors to manage their benefits and Gala attendance more independently and allows the Foundation to easily manage sponsor relationships and benefits accurately and efficiently. The Foundation relies on the Sponsor Hub to collect important information from sponsors, including but not limited to benefits selections and Gala guest lists, to host general information and promotional resources for sponsors, and to anticipate and answer sponsors’ questions and concerns regarding the Conference and Ocean Awards Gala. Use of the Sponsor Hub by sponsors at all levels is highly encouraged by the Foundation. Without the utilization of the Sponsor Hub by all sponsors, Foundation staff response time greatly increases.

No. As a nonprofit organization itself, the Foundation cannot offer discounted sponsorship levels for other nonprofit organizations. However, in the past, there have been several instances where coalitions of nonprofit organizations – groups of approximately four to seven nonprofits – have sponsored CHOW as a coalition, thus reducing the cost of sponsorship for each organization in the coalition by splitting the cost and benefits of sponsorship. If your nonprofit is a member of a coalition that may be interested in sponsoring as a group, please see the CHOW Group Sponsorship Guidelines for more information.

The Foundation offers group sponsorships at the Advocate level and above ONLY. Group sponsorships are only available for organizations, they are not available for groups of individuals and cannot exceed ten (10) organizations. You will be responsible for identifying a single point of contact for the group. Please see the CHOW Group Sponsorship Guidelines for more information. If you are interested in submitting a group sponsorship, please contact Peggy Knudson, Vice President of Development, at [email protected] and Laurie VanBenschoten, Development Manager, at [email protected] for more information.

Sponsor Planning Documents

Click the links below to download Sponsor Planning Documents: 


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