The Division of AIDS (DAIDS) is pleased to announce our upcoming DAIDS Applied Research Training (DART2024) event. The event is scheduled in the third quarter of 2024 for sites in the Southern Africa region and in the fourth quarter of 2024 for sites in the Asia region.

The DART2024 project team, consists of DAIDS and two contractors, PPD and Lumina.

The DART2024 event will focus on topics related to quality. The DART2024 event will use application-based learning, in which attendees work in small group settings to review specific case studies designed to enhance GCP/ICH compliance and quality. The application-based learning approach presents real-world scenarios and encourages critical thinking and problem solving. The small group environment will promote relationship building among DAIDS clinical research sites. DART2024 participants will be equipped with instructor guides and tool kits to enable them to share what they have learned with colleagues at their clinical research sites.

For questions or concerns please email the planning team at DAIDS CRSS DART