The DAIDS Applied Research Training (DART) event began with a pilot event in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2019. The goal of the event was to deliver Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and support organizational development for clinical staff located in Southern Africa. The 2.5-day event was attended by a variety of junior professionals from clinical, pharmacy and laboratory areas of clinical research. The event was designed using an experiential learning approach, which puts an emphasis on hands-on activities, opportunities to question, reflect, and share, and to apply the knowledge gained through a post-event project.

The 2019 event was an enormous success, and planning began for a second DART event for the Caribbean and South America. The second DART event was held in October 2022 in a 3D, interactive virtual learning environment.

With two DART events successfully delivered, the DAIDS team was eager to provide the opportunity for even more people to attend and expand DART into the Asia region. DART2024 realizes that goal with two live DART events, one in Cape Town, serving Southern African site staff, and one in Bangkok, serving Asian site staff.

For questions or concerns please email the planning team at DAIDS CRSS DART