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The parking options at Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers are:

On-Site Parking: Daily: R50    Valet: Daily: R50


Cape Town International Airport

The Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers is 21.1 km (13.11 mi), 24 min trip from the airport.


Cape Town International Airport:


Metered Cabs: 

You have two options of metered cabs here. The traditional private taxi cab which displays a fare per kilometer and the more popular app-based Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify) cabs which require you to an app on your mobile device in order to use the service.


Private Taxis in Cape Town:

Fares are displayed on the outside of the vehicle at a rate per kilometre. If you need to get to a place that is not a common public transport route this is a good option. Cab rates vary from company to company so it’s best to phone around in advance and compare rates. You can book a cab telephonically by calling the cab company or you can find a cab at a designated taxi rank.


Tips when travelling by Metered Taxi/Cab: 

  • Know your route and the kilometers in advance so you can calculate the cost and you don’t overpay.
  • Have a cab company’s number saved on your phone so you can easily book a cab from wherever you may be.

Uber and Bolt in Cape Town: 

Uber and Bolt have more or less taken over the cab scene in recent years with an advanced new way to book a cab – through a mobile app. Simply download the app to your phone, enter your trip details and book your cab. Drivers often arrive between 5-20 minutes of booking, depending on the area that you are in. The apps have fantastic features such as: tracking and sharing your trip status with someone for safety and information purposes, sharing the cost with another passenger, choosing payment options of cash or card, scheduling rides for a later time, adding multiple stops to your trip on-route and rating the service of your driver.


Tips for travelling with Uber or Bolt Taxis from Cape Town Airport: 

  • Always check your payment method before booking your trip, this cannot be changed on route and can cause you unnecessary delays.
  • Tariffs fluctuate throughout the day so it’s best to preview your trip at different times on the app before booking.
  • Always check the car before stepping out to see if you left behind any valuables.
  • Always check the number plate of the vehicle matches the number plate on the app to avoid jumping into someone else’s cab and going to the wrong destination.